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Activities of Japanese/study supporting volunteers/日本語・学習支援ボランティアの活動

We support pupils who are not good at Japanese or who have a problem for Japanese because they grow up in foreign countries regardless they have Japanese nationality. Enrolled volunteers will support them.

Objective To enhance pupils who are not good at Japanese to study and improve their academic skill by supporting them to study (Japanese and each subject)
Target Foreign pupils who have a difficulty in Japanese communication, indifferent to nationality
Contents Support to study Japanese and each subject
Place Elementary and junior high school in Yamato city and places designated by us
Method Responding to the request from elementary and junior high school in Yamato city, we send a Japanese/study support volunteer to the school and support foreign pupils to study Japanese and each subject.
Note Japanese/study support volunteer
Guide of Japanese/study supporting volunteer

Flow of volunteer activity
Enroll as a volunteer

Receive a request of volunteer from International Association

Confirm date, place and content, and accept the request

Conduct the actual activity

Send “Activity report” to International Association and “Activity record” to the school every activity month

This project began on the background of the recommendation of 1st period Yamato multicultural coexistence meeting (2007 March). In this recommendation, “Enhancement for guiding foreign children” was mentioned. And the necessary of study support for foreign children by using local volunteer was pointed out.
(Reference As of 2013 April)
○Foreign children in Yamato city
Number of elementary and junior high school Elementary 19 Junior high 9
Schools which have international class Elementary 12 Junior high 7
Number of pupil who need Japanese tutor Elementary 229 Junior high 79
Breakdown of nationality Foreign 165
Japanese 64
Foreign 69
Japanese 10
○Framework of supporting foreign children in Yamato city
・Yamato city education board Consultant for foreign pupil’s education (9 languages 18 consultants) They explain various kinds of rules in order foreign pupils and their guardians to understand the school life in their maternal language, and interpret in a personal interview.
・Yamato city education board Japanese trainer (7 trainers)
 They instruct foreign pupils about Japanese.

Related project
“Holding supplementary classes for foreign children”

Summer class for children
Children apply during designated period in summer vacation and are instructed individually according to their skill.

Special supporting class
This class is an activity of study support taking request from a guardian. At the meeting room of International Association, we support pupils to study Japanese before entering school or to study supportively after school.

Nihongo hiroba
This is a Japanese class for foreign children before entering elementary school to learn simple Japanese and rules in a group through various kinds of activities.

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