Yamato International Association 公益財団法人 大和市国際化協会
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Organization Outline/組織概要

Organization Outline

1992 July

Yamato International Association established (as a voluntary group).

Systems of registration of interpret/translate volunteers started.
Official publication ”Pal” started to issue.
1994 April Interpreter counter in English/Spanish opened.
July Yamato International Association (Foundation) launched.
Issue of information letter in English “Terra”, Spanish ‘Tierra” started.
2000 April Interpreter counter in Chinese opened.
Information letter in Chinese “Nihao” started to issue.
2002 April Interpreter counter in Vietnamese opened.
2003 April System of registration of cross-culture seminar volunteers started.
2004 July Japanese speech contest held for the first time.
October 10th anniversary Yamato internationalization forum
2005 February 1st period Yamato multicultural meeting (till 2007 March)
April Issue of information letter in Vietnamese “Chao Ban” started.
November Yamato International Exchange festival held for the first time.
2007 April Yamato International Exchange festival held for the first time.
2008 December System of registration of Japanese/study supporting volunteers started.
2009年 April Interpreter counter in Tagalog opened.
2012 April Changed to a public interest incorporated foundation.
2013 February 3rd period Yamato multicultural meeting (till 2015 January)
2014 September月 20th anniversary ceremony and lecture

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