Yamato International Association 公益財団法人 大和市国際化協会
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Yamato Japanese support Volunteers Network/大和日本語支援ボランティアネットワーク

Japanese network in Yamato city
大和日本語教室の様子 Yamato Japanese supporting volunteer network is a group which local Japanese classes based in Yamato city built up in a central role. They encourage groups or persons to exchange information by mailing list and enhance supporting activities. Please contact us if you are interested in.

Group Yamato Japanese supporting volunteer network
Established 2005 July
Activities ◆Encouraging to exchange information about Japanese support using mailing lists
◆Planning and operating workshops about Japanese support activities
◆Other things dealing with Japanese support activities
Participating Yamato International Festival
Nihongo de hanaso! Planning and operating Japanese speech contest.

Group Established Main place
Japanese class Tsukimino Aiueo 1993 Oct Tsukimino Gakushu Center
Yamato Japanese class 1987 Apr Hoken fukushi center/Kinro fukushi kaikan
Kakehashi 1994 March Hoken fukushi center
Yamabiko 1995 May Hoken fukushi center
Tsuruma yomikaki no heya 2009 Sep Hoken fukushi center/Shogai gakushu center
Japanese circle Oden 1999 Feb Seisyonen center
Katatsumuri no kaic 1993 Dec Seisyonen center
Yamato/Tomodachi 1997 Nov Sakuragaoka gakusyu center
Randoseru 2006 Jul Sibuya gakushu center
Supporting group Association for Supporting Refugees’ Settlement in KANAGAWA 1986 Dec (Office: Yamato Kamiwada 1784-10)

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